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Wellspring Programs

General: $10 per visit | $60/ 10 visit pass

AquaYoga: Wed. - 4 Class Session - $40
Total Joint/Low Back: Tues/Thurs - 8 Class Session - $96

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WELLSPRING SWIM : Increase well-being with a relaxing swim, float, or gentle exercise regime. Adults only.

General: $10 per visit| $80/ 15 visit pass       Seniors (62+):  $7 per visit | $70/ 15 visit pass

PARENT/INFANT SWIM: Parents and their 3&Under children are invited to swim and play in the warm waters of our Therapy Pool.

1 Parent & 1 Child: $12 per visit | $75/ 15 visit pass| $7 per additional parent | $5 per additional child

AQUATIC PERSONAL TRAINING and AQUATIC REHABILITATION sessions provide individualized and small group instruction for fitness, rehabilitation, and/or therapeutic exercise. Severna Park Community Center maintains a qualified staff of aquatic exercise and rehabilitation professionals certified through ATRI, AAAI, AEA, and AFAP. Our trainers also attend a number of continuing education health and wellness clinics throughout the year. To request an Aquatic individual or small group session, complete the Aquatic Personal Training and Aquatic Rehabilitation Request form here, or at the front desk. Once the form is received, an Aquatic Personal Trainer/ Rehabilitation staff member will contact you within 48-72 hours.

ARTHRITIS FOUNDATION AQUATIC PROGRAM: Taught by an Arthritis Foundation certified instructor, this program promotes range of motion and flexibility for anyone who has been diagnosed with arthritis, fibromyalgia, or routinely experiences joint pain, stiffness, and/or limited range of motion.

AQUA JOG: A deep-water class that offers an energetic aerobic workout using various flotation devices. While cardiovascular fitness and muscle strengthening are the focus, the exercises also increase joint flexibility.

                                             General: $10 per visit | $60/ 10 visit pass             Seniors (62+): $75/ 10 visit pass

AQUA ZUMBA: Known as the “pool party,” Aqua Zumba integrates the Zumba dance class with traditional aquatic fitness disciplines providing an exhilarating, challenging, water-based cardio-conditioning, body-toning, workout.

LOW IMPACT AQUA JOG: a deep-water exercise class designed to use specific exercises to reduce stress on the joints.

                                            General: $10 per visit | $60/ 10 visit pass             Seniors (62+): $75/ 10 visit pass

MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AQUATIC EXERCISE: Natural properties of the water provide opportunities for persons with MS to move in ways  their disability might not otherwise allow and better prepare the body for demands required for daily living activities.

                                                                                            General: $12 per class

SWIMNASTICS: A full body workout that increases joint mobility, muscle strength, and flexibility in a low-stress environment. The class incorporates resistance weights, noodles, cardiovascular intervals, and deep water conditioning.

                                            General: $10 per visit | $60/ 10 visit pass             Seniors (62+): $75/ 10 visit pass

TOTAL JOINT AND LOWER BACK: Increase core stability and strength, spinal alignment, and mobility, as well as gain range of motion, reduce pain, and improve mobility with gentle strengthening and stretching exercises. Ideal for pre- surgery, post therapy, or general back pain issues, as an aid to injury recovery, or to maintain joint health. 

                                                                                         General:  $96/ 8 class session

*For programs listed below, please contact Shelly at sbeigel@spcommunitycenter.org for information, scheduling, and fees.

*AQUA NATAL: Compliment your pre-natal health with water exercise. Water properties such as buoyancy, resistance, and  hydrostatic pressure offer a great overall workout for expectant mothers.

*AQUA PILATES: Pilates principals and exercises are adapted for the water, enhancing balance, stabilization, core strength, and flexibility.

*GAIT TRAINING: Regain your ability to walk with balance, perfect posture, and improved core stability.

*LAND & AQUATIC PERSONAL TRAINING COMBO PACK: A combination of land and aquatic personal training sessions designed specifically for each individual.

*MEN’S AQUA FIT: Identify fitness goals. Learn to perform water exercises to support weight loss and enhance cardiovascular and strength training.

*WOMEN’S WELLNESS: Identify wellness goals, learn to properly perform water exercises, implement a personal water fitness program, and boost motivation.

AQUA YOGA:  A low impact class that combines traditional yoga poses and breathing techniques in the nurturing environment of warm water. The buoyant effect of the water takes pressure off the joints and relaxes the muscles, optimizing strength and flexibility training and rehabilitation. Aqua Yoga can be practiced by everyone but is especially benficial for those who are unable to exercise on land.

General: $40/ 4 class session